Initial capacity allocation process completed for interregional TWE Project

March 16, 2022 – The TransWest Express Transmission Project has allocated all of the transmission capacity offered in its 2021 Open Solicitation, marking another important commercial step forward for this critical interregional infrastructure.

The capacity allocation process was described in a detailed compliance filing that was then accepted in an unpublished letter order issued Feb. 16, 2022, by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity.

On June 7, 2021, TransWest Express LLC kicked off an Open Solicitation for two primary long-term firm transmission service products on the high-voltage TWE Project: up to 1,500 MW Wyoming to Utah point-to-point service, and up to 1,500 MW Wyoming to Nevada point-to-point service. Each of these products provide transmission service from Wyoming to market offtake points in Utah and Nevada. The Open Solicitation was managed by an independent solicitation manager following a process approved by FERC in a Feb. 26, 2021, order.

The process concluded on Nov. 5, 2021, with the negotiation of customer agreements between TransWest and Power Company of Wyoming LLC for each product. PCW was the only entity that submitted Statements of Interest that the independent manager determined met the minimum eligibility criteria approved by FERC.

Meanwhile, TransWest continues to work on finalizing its plans and meeting all of the requirements necessary to receive a Notice to Proceed to Construction from the Bureau of Land Management for the 732-mile TWE Project. Construction commencement will be determined after the NTP is issued, which is anticipated to occur by the end of the year.

More information and TransWest’s FERC filings are available here.

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